Dry skin= wrinkel and old looking

Summer in all its glory, and do I love it? It´s like my body has been on hold for a very long time and finally decided to wake up. If you want a really great start on your summer tan, you need to give your skin a real treat. I prefer to scrubbing to remove dead dull skin. For me who was born with dry sensitive skin, my skin tends to be really dry. The older I get the drier it get. All the collagen seams to disappear I need all the help I can get so every morning I dry scrub my skin before entering the shower. I scrub till it burns..

When summer comes my skin tends to get even dryer. So a great lotion is crustal especially for me! After a day in the sun regardless if I wear SPF 50 and mange to avoid getting burned, my skin still needs allot of moist. Exfoliation in the morning followed by a really great body lotion will keep the skin from looking dry, wrinkly and old. Especially when you have passed 40. If you haven´t started to care for your skin by now its about time! Good skincare after 40 is crucial.

Some people have really good genes, they are born with thick skin. These are people generally prone to develop acne growing up.  Me being born in the norden part of the world have thinner dry skin and are more prone to develop wrinkles.  My skin is also very delicate, I easily break out in all kinds of rashes. I am not sure what I prefer. Anyway regardless of your issues, you need to take care of your skin, and the sun in moderation is good ( gives us D vitamin) as long as you do not overexpose it. Grow old gracefully!

A good home remedy for scrubs are olive oil mixed with sugar and some lemon!

Scrub away dear friends!

Wrinkels are beutiful to🌟




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