Celebrating life

I was pampered this morning, with a Hotel breakfast.Today It’s mother day in Sweden,so I am enjoying being a mom. I adore all my children and believe I am the luckiest mother alive. Thank you all my children for choosing me to be your mother. I hope I have taught you as much as you have taught me. 

I pray for all you out there trying to become parents. I send you all the good energy I can possible send. Never ever give up. Even if I have 4 children all of them are miracles. I have had a lot of difficulties along the way. A lot of tears and frustration. 

I just want to send love to all you out there. Embrace your life as it is the only life you will have! 

Hard sometimes when you are feeling really low and down. You are probably blessed in many ways. And all the difficulties are sent to you for a reson. They are sent to teach you something. 



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