Seriously! Get healthy by eating normal!

I am not sure if I should call it healthy or just normal. Because the new “healthy eating” its really eating normal food. Food that we are suppose to eat, food that was given to us by God, nature or what ever divine source we are coming from. We are getting sicker by the minute and it makes me mad and extremely sad that the food and medicine industry don´t take responsibility in the healing people instead of making them sick. The food industry are well aware what is not good for you and should work towards banning these products instead of being greedy and making money.The doctors should prescribe health plans to inform what nutrition (good food) and exercise is needed to become and stay healthy.  They have a huge part in people staying sick today.

You would think that what is sold in the store is suppose to be good for you, right? But it is not, there are so many added substances and these will eventually make you sick when your body can´t fight them anymore. It is time to get serious. Our bodys are perfectly designed with an immune system, but all the strange added substances is breaking our natural defense system down. The body can´t break it down, it dosen´t know what to do with it and it get stored in strange places in the body and probably develops cancer. Most of all it weakens our body to the point where it can´t funktion normal.

My daughter just got diagnosed with gluten intolerance, Celiaki. Her toxin level was sky high. Her poor liver was working like crazy trying to fight the toxin in her body. And as a mother it made me furious. If I had not taken her stomach complaints serious and thought it was something realting to school or friends and if I had not been so well “self educated” through pure interest I would not have known or understood what was happening to her. I am also gluten intolerant. I have been suffering all my life from what I can see now as gluten intolerance issues.

We live in a world where information is free in most part of the world! get your self educated. Don´t take a pill every time you feel sick or go to the doctor. Find out why you are sick, there is an underlying cause of-course. We can stay healthy by eating normal food, given to us by nature.Your body is your tempel and takes care of you if you let it and trust the given signals. But you need proper eco nutrition and less sugar. Proper nutrition is what you can find outside in the garden, add some fish and now and then some meat and you are good to go! and remember to exercise! Your heart needs its workout and it is good for your body to sweat out the toxin as well as muscles and bones. We are designed to move, not sit on our ass.

Start reading labels, if there is a lot unknown substances like sweetener and stuff its is not good for you period! Take care of your self no one else will!


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