Investing in me

So time has come to step up and spend time with a very important person. That’s right, someone who always criticize and judge and who is extremely bad in actually caring for the right person. Someone who always put her self last who is always takes cares of everyone else but herself. Someone who has a big heart a lot of patience and a lot of happiness. But who also worries about everyone one else. This beautify perfect creature spend to much of her time caring for others. 

A person who lost her self many years ago, who has blamed her self to many times for bad things and wrong choices. . Someone how gladly sits on the side just to listen in and be present but not heard. Someone who stopped charging, because she wanted to save her self for criticism. A person who have finally started to wake up. Someone who longs for love from her self. That person is me❤️. 

Time to start investing in me💚


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