Healthy with kids

Being a mother of 4, I have tried to teach my kids about the importance of getting the proper nutrition. It’s not that easy. 2 of the 4 eat everything (almost) the other 2 eat almost nothing of variances! 

Numerous of times I have sworn never to fix dinner again. With 4 different wills it’s not always easy. Thank God my husband is open to almost everything when it comes to food. I have always had some vegetables on the table, carrots,cucumbers are standard and most of the time I prepare a sallad that goes dinner. 

My mistake was not to introduce the green goods earlier in their life. As well as more fruits. Stubbornness does not make it any easier. I was not as well educated a couple of years ago,when it comes to nutrition as I am now. 

I believe that if you always have vegetables as a part of every meal, the kids become used to it. And instead of sayings I don’t like greens, we always say, I am not use to eat this but soon I will love it. Tricking the brain to eventually love it. They say you have to try something at least 20 times before you start to like it(if you did not like it from the start) . We will keep to introduce new things and hopefully one day they will start liking it. 

One thing I always do is that I cook all my meals from scratch, I mean absolutely everything. It takes a bit longer. But it taste so much better! 

Take care!


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