Eco lifestyle 

Along with a healthier  lifestyle also comes an awereness of the nature. Even if we choose healthy foods we still need to think Eco. We want to eat non toxic foods. I could go vegan tomorrow if it my family would be more in to that. Unfortunately they are not. 

Mostly I tend to choose a vegetarian diet. Because I don’t need meat! I’m not really in to chicken either because of the way they treat the chickens when brought up!

I am a firm believer of you are what you eat, and that the food and psychological status is what makes us sick. 

You carry around so much energy, and that energy can either be positive or negative. If you carry to much negative energy you will eventually become sick. That is my honest believe! 

So try to live a happy and carefree life as possible. I know it sound easy, but for me during trouble times (and believe me I have had a couple). I channel my frustrations through running and of course talking to good friends. But my no 1 has been running. 


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