Starting over at 40+

Last couple of years I have been searching for my purpose in life, well to be honest I have been searching for all of my life. The problem in my case is that I have been terrible in listening in on my own inner thoughts.

 I have been listening to others and believing that someone else would have all the answers regarding my life. How wrong is that?
Last night it came over me like a flash. I know what I want to do and will persue it. I’m so excited to watch the plan emerged from a thought to a real business.

 I also need to be careful in who I decide to tell. Or at least be so firmed in my goal that nothing or nobody will try talk me out of it. As I mentioned before I believe we are all here for a purpose. Usually people are fairly quick in having opinions and want to give you all sorts of advices. 

People are generally kind and want  you to succeed, but their truth are different from yours and I believe you carry your own answers inside. 

There are so many times in life peoples interference (often good intentions) have awakening doubts in me and before I have even started persue somethings new or different the drive has faded and died. 

This time it’s different I feel a inner drive that tells me this is the right path!

Whoohoo I am in for the long run👍🏻



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