Building less and become more of a woman!

I inherited my dads body, not sure wether it is good or bad. My PT once said to me you have more testosterone in your body compared to other woman. Well thanks, but no thanks! I glad I did not get his beard or hairy arms. What I did get however was his muscles. I don´t have to work hard to ge a tight body. hmmm well the skin is not that tight but my muscles are. All my life I envy all the girls who had slim legs, who could actually wear jeans and look good in it! Not me, I have never felt good in a pair of jeans.

Muscles or not I am happy with the way my arms and shoulders look. I barley have to to do anything they still have a nice shape. So everyone that says that woman can´t never become big (building muscles) have not seen my body! I have no problem becoming big! And I am quite sure that if I wanted to I can easily become a bodybuilder. BUT that is the least thing I want. I want to keep an athlete body type, lets face it It´s not like i have a choice.

My core body type is athletic and even if I would stop exercising. So my workout regime must contain of long distance running (more than 40 minutes runs) and slimming exercises such as Pilates. I can´t do any bodybuilding at all. If I do I will end up looking like a fullblown bodybuilder, and that is not for me. I am also very strong especially in my legs.

Love your body and embrace it, just because you have reach a certain age or that you have become a mother does not mean you can still look good and keep fit. I am quite tired of all the excuses people give why they do not have time to exercise! you can do it at home people! all you need is the willpower and you can get there. And for me I just have to build less to become more of a woman!

With that said, I am so grateful that I have a body that works, that I am well and that I have carried 4 babies without any complications. So thank you!




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