Detoxing to a healthier skin!

Sure enough if you set your mind on how you want it to enfold it will enfold the way you think about it. Coming Monday, I will start off fresh, with a candida detox. I probably need it. And my body craves it. My skin is really dry and dull and itching so a need for detox for sure. Why do I need to wait until after the weekend? Well because the weekend is packed with different activities and birthday parties so it feels better to have a clean start next week. I think i need it to be able to restart my system.

I believe in taking care of yourself naturally, and if you have an imbalance in your body, it will show. For me it´s a skin thing. It´s like my body talks to me and give me a heads up when I need to start focusing again.It is so important ,I cant´t stress it enough to take good care of your self. No one else will. And it´s a shame that it´s almost a tabu to wanting to care for your self. As a mother I tend to everyone els needs before my own. I love doing things for others but with said, I need to take care of myself.

After 40 you can´t really cheat, if you haven´t taken care of yourself before, it must be a priority now. You are heading  toward menopause and we all know this will change you for sure. If you eat healthy and add vitamins ( yes you need it), watch your weight, and stress less you have come along way in helping your body through the transformation.

My biggest challenge is sleep, I don´t sleep for more than 7 hrs, I wish I could sleep for at least 8 hrs. Now that I can, when the kids finally sleeps through the night! Well you can´t have it all.

Take care and love yourself!



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