New week, new opportunities, or ??

Starting of fresh with a will stronger than anything. Anything is possible I keep telling my self. Your time will come when the time is right and so on. Hmmm, well it still works but it is hard to stay focused and motivated and I find my self thinking, what is it that I need to learn to be able to reach these next steps in life? What is it?

For how long must I stand on the side,  wait for life to unfold? Yes, I am a strong believer that everything happens for a reson, that the people that where sent in to your life where sent to teach you something and that all incidents happens for a reason. And it is natural to doubt once in awhile. With that said I must admit I am having a hard time these days staying focused believing this is the correct way for me to go.

I am in no way complaining about anything, I am so lucky in a lot of areas. But I am more than ready to take the next step in life now (read yesterday). And I am feed up with walking the earth without any compass, I have been over it before, it might be that I have lost my self along the line, and that I am still lost. And I still need time, but time wont bring me money, and yes, I know I am not suppose to look, it is suppose to find me. But I must admit to keep up the good spirits takes a lot of effort and strength. And these re-boost never ever give up talks have a tendency to show up a lot more frequent than before.

Come on Earth I am ready for a new challenge!






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