Who owns who?

It amaze me that some people think they have the right to dictate others. Somehow they believe they have the upper hand in saying how other people should act and think. What in the world gave them that idea? I know a couple of those and even though I have passed 40, am a mother of 4, worked my entire life and went to collage it´s obviously not enough. They still need to tell me how I should behave and think.

It must be so hard for them. What a tough life to have to carry everyone else life to. Do they believe the world might collapse if they don´t or do they have a hard time compromising, or§ are they being flat out selfish? Do they believe they  are smarter than the rest of us? do they think they have the answer to all the unknown questions of the world? That their pure existence is crucial for the worlds existent? Well, it must be really though to carry that burdan on once shoulder. Let me give you some tips, try sharing a bit and try to listen, you might actually learn something from someone else. Your world will be much more fun and interesting.

And I have a strong believing in that we are here for a purpose what ever that might be, and therefore it´s important to stop, listen and stop judging others.





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