Running away from life

Today I went for a run, along one 10 km! well I must admit that it was one of my worst runs ever. I had to walk from now and then and that have not happened for a couple of years. It must be combination from being a bit to heavy, and that I had finished an frozen yogurt less than an hour before the run. Anyway, I run for one reason only, well that i lie, I run for 2 reasons. First of all it has to do with clearing my brain, a lot of people use meditation for that or Yoga. I have tried it all, and even though I like to meditate once in awhile I really believe we benefit from different things depending on how our body are composed and how active you where as a child. I have been active in sports since the age of 5 more or less. That have shaped my body to what it is today. I am happy with what I have and enjoy it.

If I had been less active as child and chosen less demanding sports, I probably would have been a fan of Yoga and Meditation because of my easier less demanding lifestyle. Not that  that it´s something wrong with people enjoying slower pace of life. It´s just a preference thing.

I have tried Yoga on numerous of occasion and hope every time that I will fall in love with it. But I never do, it´s a bit to slow for me. I enjoy the Hot Yoga once in awhile, but it ´s  more because my body needs a good solid stretch and I enjoy how flexible I become in tha warm temperature. With that said I have now accepted that Running and Pilates are my the exercise forms that I benefit from the most, both mentally and psychologically . I accept and embrace it. My body restart when I am out running, my brain logged out and re fule to be able to restart fresh again. Even if it´s a bad day like today, when my legs felt like led,  I still enjoy it. It´s alone time big time, It´s just me and my body and soul. That my friends is pure joy.

Soul searching in the tracks.




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