The winner takes it all

Some people walk trough life with out a sorrows at least that’s what it seems  like. Even I, who is an happy spiritual person, sometimes falls trough. I know I should think that everything happens  for a reason. But for how long? What else do I need to learn? What? No wonder one start questioning one self abilities when all you get is negativity. I just got turned down for a job. 

But, facing it, it’s meant to be, I am sure of it. I’m meant to do something else. I do believe we all have a unique gift, or call it a call  that we need to embrace. So many of us sign up for what life gives us. Without even questioning what we are destined to do. We are so busy that we don’t have the time to reflect. And life passes by without us reflecting. 

Time to find our unique gifts and share it to the world. 

Love always❤️


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