Beauty regime after 40

Yes, I am conscious about what I put in my mouth and what I put on my skin. I have been a fan of Helene Rubenstien  product, especially their night cream Colagenist Re-plum.

However with limited budget and also wanting to sponsor more ECO friendly companies, I am trying out some new products. I must say I am very impressed about Body Shops sortiment, especially their body butters. They only use natural ingrediens and support Community Trade and Fair Trade. I love that, and they cost 1/3 of what HR product costs. These products might not be as active (anti-aging) but I believe if you put good products on your skin, your skin will probably feel and look better.

You need to clean your face every night to get rid of all the pollution and toxin, I use Dermalogica for that, and since I can not really afford to treat my self to facials, so  I try to make them at home using my own products.

Every other day I use my Clarisonic Mia 2, it leaves my skin really nice, like after a great peeling. But I can only use it once every other day, if use it every night my skin will break out in a rash. The skin color tend to get more even and even the texture is getting better. I follow my treatment with a new product that one of my friends recommend Kiehl´s Midnight Recovery Concentrate. This product is not really ECO friendly but I will try it for now as the price is really good. I use 3 drops, its all I need. To soon to say anything yet, but it feels really good on my skin.

In the morning after my shower, I use Björk and Berries products these are made in Sweden and are almost 100% ECO friendly. At least my skin feels better and looks really nice, and for the same amount of money as one of my HR product, I was able to buy 4 ECO friendly, non toxin products YEAH!!!





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