A stinky gym and leg soreness

I went to the gym today, I was suppose to take a Pilates class but I was late, the class had just started as I entered the gym and I decided to skip it out of curtesy to the rest of the group. So I figure since am at the gym; I might as well train. It is still pretty cold out side, so I decided to go for a run inside, on the treadmill.

I´ve signed up for a membership at a local gym that has a lot to offer, and the membership gives me access to all gyms  located in the city. I´ts quite expensive, but I like it because they offer so much, tons of different classes, childcare, and a fully equipped gym. Modern and usually very nice. They pick up new trends very quickly and offer new classes regularly Anyway!

Today, when I came in to the treadmill room it stank BIG time, I have no idea what was going on but it was terrible. I assume they had just finished a indoor running class, but still it was terrible. I manage to run 6 km, my legs were almost dying from soreness, not from running 6 km but from a class I took the night before. It was suppose to be a class for working your butt, but I did´t feel anything in my butt, I only felt it in my legs; I must have done something wrong. I manage to finish my run and my legs felt like loggs, totally num. And today I can barley walk.

But exercise is good for me physiologically, need those endorphine, happy hormones! Forever grateful regardless if my body screams from soreness or if the gym stinks.




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