Staying young? or become old?

Maybe just start to embrace every age as the true gift it is? Yes, I want to stay healthy and fit. But I do not want to become younger, nor do I miss my younger years. I eat healthy most of the time, because my body need the proper nutrition to function. And I do it out of love for my self. In my twenties I could walk straight from the clubs to work, sure I was tired but I could manage with the lack of sleep. I ate junk food, and still maintained my weight. Back then nobody knew anything about health. Fat Free and Sugar Free packed with artificial stuff. Well one thing is sure about getting older, I can´t live like that anymore.

So looking back and in to future, what is coming? well most likely we will still eat healthy because we need the proper nutrition, that whats lacking today, but we will not be so harsh on our self as we are today.

Many young people can not handle the stress they put on their self. In our society there is beauty in being young, sure I buy in to the whole biology stuff about being able to produce offsprings. We live so much longer today than we did before and we even look younger. To die at 70 is early today. So why are we still fighting getting older? why not just embrace it and love every moment of it.

Think about all the things we been trough how much we can teach others as well as learn from others? I still feel there is a fear about getting older about not being good enough anymore, to not be pretty enough or what ever the case might be. Is that why we want younger partners? because somehow we think that will keep us younger?

Well I think we should embrace our self and fall in love where we are in life right now. We should still take care of our self and how we look, but in a joyful way and be thankful where life has taken us, and admit that we might not be number one anymore, but that is OK.

We are allowed to enjoy life more, laugh more, stop taking life to serious!

Look at the volume of that hair!! Note to self, don’t wash hair 😊. 

Amazing, love it while it last ❤️






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