Different personality traits!

We all have things that we like more or less about our selfs, some of us need to have a structure life to be able to preform in a satisfying way, some need kaos. Some people are genuinely happy and are really good with giving to others and some people are grumpy, less social and not good with giving to others. There are a couple of personality traits that I believe is good to have.

As for my self, I am social and outgoing and I choose to see life from a positive side. I meet so many people who choose to see life totally different, we probably need both personality but it is exhausting to meet those people and try to maintain a good spirit. I am amazed when people complain about trivial things. Most people I know live a good healthy life, they have money, their children are healthy and go to great schools, of course I have no idea what going in their homes behind them doors but still.

To be structured is something I have learned more or less, I like that trait as long as it is controlled. I have people in my surrounding who are extremely structured and well planned. I am more of a plan as a go, this is OK most of the time, but with that said its good to plans, good to have a goal to work towards. I have understood that for extremely well planned people i´ts a security thing, they feel more secure when they know what is coming. For me if things are to planned and structured I feel trapped and controlled something that does not match with my personalty.



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