Wonder woman is finally here

Well, at least that´s what I think. We are gong through some sort of world change, and I am standing by just to put the cape on and start flying. Look at where we are today, and how far we have come. I am so happy for my girls that the time is finally here, where wonder woman can continue with her mission of becoming equal in all ways.

Us women are marvelous, we can manage absolutely everything. Here we are getting better grades, getting university degrees, giving up our own life for becoming wives and moms. Lend our body to give birth usually more than once in life, get our bodys back not fully intact. We care, love and nourish our small ones and race them to become good citizens.

If we start working after becoming moms it ´s usually part time, so we can continue caring for our small once, and taking care of the household and the husband and continue to be good. Knowing we earn a lot less , our pension will be lower, most likely have to struggle with some body issues due to childbirth later on in life. And still we stand tall and beautiful and fully accepting.

We are so strong, and so full of super powers, we can manage anything, anything we want. And I see a change, especially here in Sweden, where we are starting to become equal to our spouses, where splitting household choirs and childcare tasks is expected whit the younger generation. We are getting there slowly, where we will earn the same, be as respected and much more. A world where it won´t matter if you´re a woman or a man. And who do you think fought that war? Us women of course.

That´s why we are wonder women all of us!.And don´t you ever, ever give up!




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