Depression a cry for a change?

Everyday, I hear that more and more woman especially younger women are becoming depressed. It is truly sad. I have been depressed my self and manage to get back on track again. But it was far from a easy and if I can do it all over again, I would have chosen a different recovery road. But when you are in the middle of depression and especially when you have to care for young children, you´re not really thinking straight. You tend to live one day at a time and might follow advice that you might think sound good for the moment, but might be devastating in the long run.

When you are in a middle of a depression, your ability to think is basically non existing. Your body is set on keeping you alive, nothing else. Your memory is barely functioning and you feel sad al the time, your world is a black hole. At least that is how I felt. In the beginning of the depression all I did was sleeping, then gradually, i found my way back. I started taking long walks, just listening to music. The hour walks tuned in to runs and gradually in a couple of month I felt better.

I decided along the way, that I needed to change my life completely. Work wise and also my friends, some of these friends where not good for me, I needed to accept that and move forward. I manage to get a good job and the rest is history. That period in my life changed me completely, and I pay attention to warning signals all the time. Once you have been there you learn to see the signs early. For me it had to do with not being true to my self. I tried to live up to other peoples norms and standards and it slowly killed me.

The most important thing is that you need to know that you are special, you should never live someone-els life, no one will thank you for that and you will become depressed. Your life is precious and you are unique, you need to follow what is right for you and what your soul purpose is. You can ask for advice if you need to and you should accept them if you feel that they are beneficial for you. But trust your gut instinct, you have it for a reason, that is your inner being just waiting to guide you the correct way.

I found that out way to late in life, I live by it now, but I wished I hade known this when I was in my 20.

Love your self! Do what feels right for you!

Love always




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