Parenthood, punishment or a blessing?

Of course I see my children as a pure blessing but sometimes, I wonder, I wonder about my husband and my children, are they sent here to test me? What´s going on? I have 4 beautiful children, all completely different from one another. 2 girls and 2 boys, my oldest is not living at home, she is the least of my worries, she is my partner in crime and one of my absolutely best friends. It might be just because of that, because she is not living at home anymore. Terrible I know, but probably true.

Anyway 2 of my children are under the age of 10, both good preforming kids, doing what is expected of them. My 9 years old is a great soccer player. He was picked out to join the elite team last fall, with that comes 4 days of practice weekly and a couple of games during the weekends. As long as he enjoys it, I think its OK, but in my heart I feel its a bit much for a 9 year old.

My husband and I are not agreeing when it comes to this. However I am the one who has to deal with when he looses his temper and backfire (my son) which he does now and then. He takes it out on me, he has much greater respect for his dad. I am not sure what the deal is there, Is it  a mom thing? To stay united as parantes in all situation is not always easy, especially when your not really on the same level. It´s OK ,my son can show his frustration with me as long as we can figure it out together and most of all end the argument with hugs.

He is 9, he can´t be perfect all the time I can´t request that from him. Sometimes I think we ask to much from him and this is his way of telling us to back-off. This morning he just had a tantrum and refused to do anything I asked him to, and sure enough after 10 minutes of staying calm, I fell trough and ended up behaving like a 5 year old (not proud of my self). Everything I have read in the book regarding how to handel arguments with kids ( you would think I would be an expert with 4 children) was out the door.

But I must say, all children are completely different, and what might work for one child is not working for the other. Throw in a husband in this equation and sure enough we just ad to the frustration.

To sum it up, yes the kids are a true blessing, and they are definitely here to teach and test us in good and bad until death do us part.

Note to one self…breath….







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