Spring time health

I try to fit som exercise in to my daily routine, and yesterday on my way to meet a really good friend for lunch I walked there, it took me 45 minutes. I live in the city, I can walk downtown in less than 20 minutes, and I enjoy the feeling of feeling free. For me walking is freedom. I walk everywhere! My kids are not as pleased by walking as me and I have to distract them by playing games or asking them tons of questions.

Bicycling is another great way of getting your daily exercise, however I tend to get flat tires all the time, we are talking serious Law of attraction. Last year between May-Sep I manage to get at least 4 flats, I always fix them myself (which is  tiresome :)). I got so feed up with fixing flats, I borrowed my oldest son bike, and guess what happened? well of course …a flat…So now I need to find the motivation to fix both flat tires.

I am so great ful for living close to the city and still close to big natural parks. And yes you can even find som forest around here as well. I make sure to visit the parks either by running or walking. I have a hard time motivation myself going to the gym when the weather is nice. Well I am off for an hour walk in the park with my neighbor, the sun is out and life is good, and I am great ful.





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