Motivation, gone, lost and found

Phew, motivation! where are you when I need you the most? seriously, bee searching every where the last couple of days, and it is gone. I am kind of a all or nothing person. I give it everything for awhile and then I mean really giving it everything. Right now I am looking for a new job, and because I am quite picky of what I want, it takes longer than I excepted.

Juts because I was “laid off” I am not going to settle for something less than I had before. With this said, to try to find your inner light after so many years are somewhat impossible. I wish I would wake up one morning and just know, this is what you should spend the rest of your life doing, wouldn’t that be blessing?

As the soccer mom I am, I collected 4 girls from school and dropped them of at soccer practice, me? I decided to go for a run. After running a good 7 km in a killer terrains filled with steep hills and uneven path I finally manage to finish my run. A lot more beat than I usually am after 7 km it could be the wine I drank yesterday or it might be the extra kg I put on during our vacation, or it could be the lack of sleep, not enough water or what ever the case might be. Anyway, somewhere along the bumpy path,  I found my motivation again. So I am ready for a new wonderful day tomorrow, filled with job ads and application forms..or maybe not, at least I fell better..





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