Waist(ing) away and gone

What happens with the waist after you reach a certain age? My waist was really small, which made my behind look good and located in the correct place. Now days I am not really sure what the deal is but the waist is getting wider. I am doing all kinds of obliques exercise, but sorry to say nothing can remove those so called love handles. I read somewhere that with age women’s waist gets wider due to lack of estrogen. What is up with that?

I do all kinds of waist exercises and sure enough the waist stays the same. It´s like a part of my butt (excuse my language) actually turned away from gravity and moved north!  The worst part is that is was  my favorite part of the behind who one day decided to move up north. Thanks a lot! leaving my behind kind of flat and square looking.

Well you cant have it all! At least I have a waist, and a my butt is still OK locking and this body gave me 4 beautiful children, who probably preformed some kind of Yoga inside of me, making my waist wider.

Never forget, true love starts with loving  yourself!




2 thoughts on “Waist(ing) away and gone

  1. As I get older I conclude that our culture controls us socially, emotionally and economically with the beauty myth that ‘youth’ is our Grail. True beauty radiates from the heart, not the hips – enjoy your wisdom. Your last line says it all 🙂


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