Healthy(eater)or not?

I have learned the hard way what to eat and what not, still struggling with some skin issues from now and then, and I understand that it has to do with imbalance in the body. I stay away from gluten, because it gives me rashes, makes me bloated and tired. The sad part is that there is absolutely no vitamins in wheat. So why eat it?

Our food is so processed there is barley any vitamins and minerals left. If you eat correctly, and fill your body with good unprocessed food you will actually stay satisfied longer. If I eat junk food ( it still happens) , that contains literally nothing healthy, my body starts to crave sugar, because It need proper nutrition on a cellular level. That is way we we gain weight, we feed our body with non nutritian food, our body is starving and sends out signals that it needs more food, we eat more and gain weight.

For me it´s common sense, nature have supported us with food for since the beginning of mankind. Why not eat what is given to us by nature?

I try to stay away from meat, I could easily go vegan if the rest of the family would, but my kids are not really supportive of the idea. I cook all dinners from scratch, nothing fancy at all just basic food, but food that can be picked from (if I had one) the garden. I try to limit meat to once or twice a week, chicken four times a week and vegan (mostly soups) once a week . I choose soup because it is easier to get the kids to eat it. We always have something green on the table, and always cucumbers or carrots for the kids.

With that said, I do eat candy, chips , ice cream and other less healthy things! one thing that I am deeply grateful for is that my kids loves nuts! So nuts is a big part of our snacks. I am not at all hysterical when it comes to live a healthy lifestyle. I don´t believe in diets, or extreme exercises program. I have never followed a diet, and I still carry the same weight I did when I was 20, before all of my kids.

Live a good life, fill it with good nutrition, and exercise (I promise you will fall in love with it). Spend time with friends and family, and exclude drama from your life, it´s not worth it.

Variation, variation in all aspects of life!






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