Past40 it´s time to reflect

Who am I? What role model do I want to set for my children? I am finally comfortable in who I am, I have landed after being somewhat confused for close to a decade. I do what I please, I stopped hanging around negative people.

Negative peoples energy is like the plague, it multiplies by the minute. Because of that, I have choose not to read any news, I scan through the headlines just to see if there is some world breaking news that I need to be aware of, but beside that I choose not to follow them. News, most of them are just negative, leaving people feeling depressed, helpless and scared. Leaving people with a sense of hopelessness, that the  world is a gigantic inferno. Why not spread good news, communications is such a powerful tool, why not use it wisely?

I choose to believe that we live in a beautiful world full of good hearted people. Sort of naive maybe, but why not? I hope my life will unfold before me coming years and that I want to help others feel good and find them self, make their journey easier than mine. My hope is for everyone to start really liking them self. Understand that you are unique and carrying a special gift, just being you. Life passes so quick, lets start enjoy every minute of it. Being home have certainly made me reflect on what is important in life. Of course family and really good friends as well as just being my self and embrace myself. I found out after many years that I am quite happy with who I am for the first time in a very long time.

And I am not spending one more minute waisting my life on bad things or people!

Take care!



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