It’s friday people 

Hope you have loads of fun things planned for the weekend. Tomorrow morning at 7:30, I will take on the role as the soccer soccer mom. Up by 6:30 and leave the house by 7:00! True love for sure. 

I just remembered, when it comes to fitting in exercise in your daily life. Twice a week I follow my daughter to soccer practice, during her practices I am of running or power walking, sometimes other moms join me, but mostly I am off on my own. Why? I wonder? Why not use the time you have? I still get back in time to see some of her practices.  

I planned my day so well, a core class followed by an real hard butt challenge class. Last time I took the class, I could barely walk for a week. I’m proud that I actually planned it, but I ended up spending time applying for a new job. Well, I guess that’s good too!

 I just love the feeling after a really good workout. It relises all kind of tension and frustration I have and leaves me feeling great and thankful.

Next week I am back on track again, 3 scheduled workouts and 2 lunches with really good friends. 

Remember one thing, don’t change for someone else, change if you must for yourselves or Love yourself just the way you are. 



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