Time to get serious again

One week of vacation has left me kind of lazy, well not having a job does not make it any easier. So now it´s time to get serious again! I went for a 1.5 hour walk yesterday and it was wonderful. Love when spring is in the air. Lately I have not felt the urge to run, I am not really sure why, because I use to love it. Its just lately that my body is not responding like it use to. I figure it might have to do with my private situation, not having a job and being out there constantly looking have definitely killed my spirit.

I also know how my body works, I need to work hard, to really sweat. It´s like restarting my body, get the the toxin out of the system. I love food and I do not follow a diet, I just can´t I get bored day one. I treat my self to what my body wants. I do not limit my self. Life should not be limiting it should be a feast.

But to maintain a somewhat normal size body, I need to workout at least twice a week, every week no matter what.  I have maintained the same weight since I was 20, more or less. My body has changed from aging  and bearing children, it will look different from when you where 20. But whit that said, you can maintain somewhat the same body frame as you use to have, you just have to work harder to maintain it. It is not a walk in the park.

I workout between 2-5 times a week, depending on what my schedule looks like. And it takes more than a couple of Yoga moves, you need to get the heart rate up. If I don´t go to the gym, I take long walks. Time is an issue i know, but not an excuse. I have 4 children, during a couple of years I was single with 2 of them, and I still manage to maintain my body, through planning. You can even do it at home using youtube. So no excuses.

Lets get started! 









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