A true soulmate 

A true soulmateKids your toughest battles.They say you pick your own parents before entering this world, I like to believe that. As a newborn you’re on a mission, a mission to teach your parents something. I can clearly see that in my children. Especially my youngest. She is so full of joy and laughter, she smart and witty and makes jokes even thou she’s only 7. 

She is so beautiful and mysterious and life with her is a promise not too be booring. However this bundle of joy is also very challenging, she is full of drama. Forsure she is my youngest, but despite that she is truly somethings else. She was born 080808 and is unique in every way. A difficult pregnancy with contraction for hours everyday for 2 weeks prior to giving birth. She was the only one of my 4 children who screamed her lungs out on arrival!

I believe she was sent to me for a purpose, a purpose to teach me things. She have tought me to think twice about everything. She have tought me to be more humble and more understanding and realize that everyone is unique.

Even though she makes my blood boil sometimes she is such a loving person and she is truly my soulmate questioning me over and over again. A true gift, I am so happy she choosed me as her mom! 



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