Sunburned, tanned and peeling 

Enjoying life in beautiful Marocco. Thought I planned good brought spf 15 and 30. Well after day one, we (me and the kids) was red, more like burned. After hiding underneath clothes and without having seen the sun for the past 5 months. Our skin was surely not as ready for the sun as our mind was. Full of vitamin -D we sufferd through the first night with sunburned skin. After that we quickly decides to use spf 50 for the rest of the trip.

 I am cocerned about skincancer and dis coloring of the skin, premature aging and all that. But I must say, the warm weather and the suntan sure brings out the best in me. And I enjoy it, no acing shoulders from shrugging. Maybe I enjoy the sun because I live in a country where we barley see the sun between October and April. And maybe it has to do with gray skies and absent of colors in nature as everything turns brown and gray during the winter months.  

 When I reach pension age I will own a house in Florida and just enjoy life to its fullest!! 


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