Trendy after 40

Well, hmmm there is a fine line between dressing ok and not when you pass 40. I want to stay trendy, and follow trends but there is limits. I have an athletic body type, which means my thighs can and will never be slim, they are always muscular regardless what I do. And NO that is not a a good thing. 

 Because of my thights, I rarely wear jeans or skinny pants for that matter. If I must wear pants I prefer boothlegged or completely straight. I use to spend most of my awake time dressed in dresses and skirts , because thats is what always worked best for me. But with aged the body keeps changing and so am I. 

Nowadays I lean m a trendy chic and sophisticated look,  I dress more casual than before but with high quality fabric. I want to look ageless, and wear what looks good on me and is a bit more comfterble. Something that can be worn at work, AW or for a party with just a change of shoes. 

What is your fashion statement? 


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