Beauty beyond beauty

As we grow older, our skin gets dryer, for me who started my younger years with a tendency towards eczema, skincare products was usually something that was bought at the local pharmacy. Sticky creams without any tracy of perfume. For me to be able to use real skin product that actually smells good is such a luxury. But with dry skin, you need to give it more love.

Before my morning shower I usually do an exfoliating scrub of some kind, either a dry one (using gloves) or with a body salt scrub. This brings glow to  my skin. Gone are the dry and dull patches and my skin feels healthier and smother. When you pass 40 your skin cells needs assistance to renew them self. I always end my beauty regime with a good moisturizing cream.

Unfortunately my skin is really sensitive these days and I do my best to stay away from strong prescribed creams. My intake of proper foods and vitamins are crucial. I am leaning towards an all plant based diet, to see if I can help my cells to heal.

I am going to try a new eco-line face cream and serum made from ecological grown plants. straight from nature it self, could it be better. Unfortunately my eye rash came back this morning and feel a bit low, my rash was completely gone yesterday, and today it came back, I wish I knew what causes it.

I assume some detox, good healthy relationships lots of love and less stress will make wonders.





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