Skin perfection gluten-free

After 2 weeks of complete skin disaster, my skin finally looks normal again. The itching and rashes are gone. I have been taking omega 3 and loads of vitamins daily , and have not touched gluten in a week, and it paid off.

I feel for you out there who have skin problems. My oldest daughter have had eczema since she was a baby, during puberty she reached all time low. We went to a lot of specialist who prescribed strong creams and strict meal plans.  Unfortunately back then, I didn’t know better, I wish I had. She suffered for a long time, poor thing. Finally all she needed  for her skin skin to clear up was to add omega-3 and some vitamins and eat a well balanced diet. She still have breakouts now and then, but they are mild and treatable.

I am amazed that modern MDs do not recommend this for their patients. Why do they continue to prescribe medicine when it is really not necessary? We know for a fact that we are lacking in nutrition. The veggies we consume today have less vitamins due to a lot of factors, so we need to add vitamins and minerals to our diets to make sure our body are well balanced.

If the body constantly is lacking nutrition, the body will show signs of it, wether it is ADHD or eczema’s or what ever it might be. We need to take charge of our own life, educate our self and think smart. We are one with nature, we can not survice with out it and we should eat a plant based diet with as little meat as we possible. And try to avoid sugar, add happy thoughts and do things  you enjoy  and your life will take a new turn.

Live healthy and happy




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