Blow my mind out! I found happiness

Seeking happiness, what is happiness? its in the eye of the beholder, correct? If you or someone close to you are sick, happiness is probably a day filled with wellbeing. For others it can be chasing likes on social media, being appreciated, making it to the finals, finding the perfect spouse. I think happiness should be, just being you, an appreciation for your self, you are special and unique! We spend to much time seeking happiness outside our self, when we can find it inside. It´s a journey well deserved to travel. It has taken me years and lots of frustrations before I finally just stared to show my self some respect and showing the rest of the world, that I do matter!

It´s time to give our self some happiness just discovering who we really are, I promise you will discover things about your self that you totally was unaware of. Make a feel good list, of all the things that makes you unique and special. And then create another list where you put things that you enjoy doing. For me it´s going to the gym, or rather just move my body, by  taking a walks or runs. Make a promise to your self, that you will pick something from that list and do it weekly. If you give your self that treat you will feel som much better, you will be a better mother, spouse or just a better you..

For the longest time, I blamed people around me, for the way my life was turning out . I was “on a feeling petty for my self journey”, instead of standing upp for myself. Well I hade a pretty brutal awakening. I allow people to walk right over me, treat me badly and stand there feeling really sorry for myself . But I changed, I am so glad I did. You have the power to change to. Your are not just a mother or a wife or a coworker, You are YOU! LOVE your self!

It´s not easy, especially for the people around who watch your transformations, you might turn out to be someone complete different. If their love is strong enough they will stick around and embrace your change, if not they are not worth keeping!







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