Body experience after 40

Ok, so things happens after 35, I mean all of a sudden (well it does happens gradually) things really start happening to your hair, skin and body. My hair use to be really think and shiny, now it is a lot  thinner and it lost its shine! My skin, is a lot dryer and unfortunately not as glowing as it used to be.

The body, what happend there? I use to have a really nice tiny waist, with a round nice butt and slim arms. Now, my butt is the only thing traveling north (rest if the body is hedding south), my butt is traveling to the waist area and is becoming love handles. What!!and why? Well you know what, I still love my body, it has brought 4 healthy children to the world. I can walk around everyday enjoying the beauty of the world and people around me. It has truly stood up for me in think and thin. Its a true love affair, regardless of lovehandle, wrinkles and other  grey hair.

Its OK and I embrace it, with that said, I will not stop taking care of my self in all forms an shapes, from facials to Pilates and maybe even treat my body with som extra love to thanks it for all that it has done for me!

I  tried HOT FLOW today at the gym! OMG, it was hot and sweaty, I feel a bit more flexible than before I assume that will be gone by tomorrows morning run.



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