Bad skin and an upset tummy

I have no idea what is going on with my skin. I have raches the size of golf balls on my face. My skin is so dry, it look like I went and had a major laser peel. When the skin issue is gone ( hoppfully soon))my skin will be soft As a baby’s bum. 

I have tried to figure out why these raches appears. My body has been unbalanced last couple of years. Even trough my diet is a lot better then it use to be. Could it be that build up tension, hate and fear finally has its toll on my skin? If you suppress it for to long it will finally finds it way out? Maybe It has to do with me not belive in My self and standing up for me. Not taking care of My self. Could it be because I ahave not been kind to my self? 

I truly believe in the power of the mind and believe that you cause your own problems and issues, and if you start loosing your self on the way and keep doing everyone else favors, by listening to them and make their truth yours, eventually  you will suffer. 

Could it be a wake up call for making changes in life? Search for real happiness? 



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