Welcome miss middleage perfect 

We stay younger a lot longer than our grandparents. Thank goodness for that. Moreover we stay healthier, and yesterday’s 30th are today’s 50th and do these women look good? The middleage women of today looks absolutely stunning. I live in a city, so I suppose the women here generally pay more attention to their looks here than on the countryside. 

Why not embrace your age? Why not look your best even if you reached 40 50 or 60? There are no excuses not to take care of your self and grow old gracefully? Your body will not look the same as it did when your where 20 but you will feel more confident and self assured then you did when you where in your 20s. I believe strongly no matter if you take care of your self with good nutrition and good amount of exercise it will take you along way. And of course with good nutrition I mean natural non process food. 

You will need at least 3-4 times a week of exercise, this can be done at your home as low my as you stay committed. I use to do Pilates at home ( Blogalates) she is absolutely amazing, if you follow her or someone else you will succeed. Stuck with it and you will see good results. 

Now hopefully your children have left the toddler stage and you will have more time for you, now it is time for you time. Time to give you what you deserve. 


exercise on my mind

my pilates body

my pilates body


working hard

dream body

dream body


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