Healthy after 40

Well, the moment of truth, where are you when it comes beuty routine? Are you taking care of your self? Both spiritual and non spiritual? I believe in taking care of yourself. With age everything gets more sensitive. I have had so many outbreaks last couple of years it’s not even funny. I discovered by coincidence that I was sensitive to gluten just 2 years ago. 

I developed rashes on strange parts of my body, and after trying literally everything I discovered that the rashes and the inching disappeared when I removed gluten from my diet. So now I try to stay gluten free for most of the part and beloved me It is far from easy! 

I also have a problem with my gallbladder, but refuse to limit my self to much. Before you know it you stop to exist from all limitations. I’m not willing to do that yet. I’m  

 figuring out what to eat without compromising to much on the thing I enjoy in life. 

However, the other day a really nasty rash developed on my face. I am trying to figure out why it appeared! It looks really nasty. I have been cheating when it comes to eating gluten but I don’t believe this has anything to do with it. But this shows that you really need to take extra care of your self after 40. You are stucked with this body for the rest of your life, why not start treating it really really good. 

I’m sure that you will thank your self in the future. I’m going on a fast in 3 days, to boost my body with vitamins and minerals. 



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