Times is flying 

Little miss me Truly years passes without we even noticed, and sure enough we get older. Inside I am still that young curious twenty something, exploring life at its fullest. It’s not until I  catch a glimes in the mirror that surely I can see that twenty is long gone.
Don’t get me wrong. I love getting older and more mature and self confident. The thing I am not to fond off is that almost every part of my body is heading south, and I am having pain in different parts of the body that’s I barley knew existed 

When you pass 40, you can see who is blessed with good genes, and who takes care of them self. After 40 you can not hide that anymore. 

I’m taking care of my self with proper food and exercise. I believe you can come a long way with that. Using good product and pay a visit to some kind of skin doctor once in awhile will take you a long way. Anyway time is flying by, and it is time to enjoy. 

Take care💕



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